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First, why the name “Play Ball”?  Because it honors baseball’s tradition of starting a game by having the home plate umpire yell, “Play Ball” before the first pitch.

Heading into our 5th season, we’ve quickly become a leading source for all your umpiring, game assigning and training needs with our commitment to both our umpires and the teams & tournaments we serve.

At PBUA, we are dedicated to 3 simple principles:  professionalism, reliability & approachability.

We believe that by providing superior service to ensure our umpires and clients enjoy their baseball experience, we’ve been able to deliver our message and demonstrate our commitment to provide the very best umpire experience possible to over 125 local teams, leagues and tournaments while attracting highly qualified umpires seeking an extremely dependable association.

Whether you’re looking to join our umpire crew or are interested in our services, please take a moment to explore our website.

We look forward to serving you!

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I work with a dedicated group of guys who take pride in what they’re doing. It’s a good feeling to have coaches from several different organizations compliment what we do on the field day in and day out.”
— Jim Gerardi- PBUA Umpire
Huntley Little League switched to PBUA 3 seasons ago, and we’ve experience quality umpires who arrive on time, run a smooth game and never forget that the game is about our players.”
— John Spankroy- President HLL