March 31, 2016

PRE-GAME (no less than 10 minutes before game)

The key to starting a game off on the right path is a KILLER pre-game— use this outline and sample script as a guide.  Put this into your own words—

#1:  Rule:  ask the legal question— get it out of the way at the beginning!

Outline (info or points of emphasis to review with coaches)

  • Introductions
  • Legal Question
  • Review Ground Rules
    • League Rules
    • Innings
    • Time Limit
    • Playing Field
      • Foul lines/Batter’s Box?
      • Double 1B?
      • HR Fencing or not?
      • Out of play areas?
      • Pitch Runners?
    • Start/End Times
      • Keep game moving
    • Coach/Player/Fan Conduct
      • Game is for the kids
      • Do not leave dugout or coaches box until time is granted
      • Players/Coaches in dugout
      • Any Questions?
  • Play Ball!


Sample Script

Hi coaches, my name is _____________________ (shake their hand), and I’ll be working hard for you today (have coaches introduce themselves).

Before we begin, coaches, are your players properly and legally equipped? (You must get a verbal “yes”).

Tonight, we have “x” innings with no time limit, but I’m counting on you to keep play moving.  By this, I mean please have your players ready to hit and your fielders knowing their positions between innings.

 I’ve checked the field and see no issues, unless you noticed any?  We have out-of-play lines down both sides of the field, and we’re playing by _____ rules.

Please remember, our game is about the kids, and you are responsible for your conduct and that of your coaches, players and fans.  If you have a question or need to review a play, please ask for time before leaving the dugout or coaches box.  I’ll grant time, and we can quickly discuss the situation.

Do you have any questions for me?

OK- have a great game, good luck and let’s play ball!

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