PBUA “Rules to Ump By”

March 31, 2016

1. Be PROFESSIONAL– (at least look & act like you know what you’re doing)

2. Don’t be late– make the commitment & plan for delays (i.e., traffic during rush hour)

3. No Excuses– take accountability for your actions or inactions

4. No Give Backs (games)- I count on you so you can count on me

5. HUSTLE at ALL times- otherwise you’ll be viewed as someone who doesn’t care- this is not the same thing as doing 4 games in 100 degree heat and being “tired”

6. You have a question? Please ask- if I don’t know, I’ll tell you so and find a resource for you

7. Don’t Gossip– about me, you or your fellow umps- it’s not good for anyone

8. Don’t have “Napoleon” syndrome– that is, make the game about the participants and not you

9. KNOW THE RULES– get the “easy” ones right— and make the tough calls- it’s the best way to separate yourself from other umps

10. Be a good TEAMMATE
Putting down a fellow ump behind their back or promoting yourself at your peer’s expense (I know your capabilities- if I didn’t, you wouldn’t be here- if I don’t know you, I’ll get to know you). Instead of criticizing, help pay it forward!


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